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Two Page Bankruptcy Worksheet
  Jonathan Ginsberg Susan Blum

Despite recent changes to the nation’s bankruptcy laws, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 remain available to you as a way to solve your financial problems.

   Although you should look to bankruptcy as a last resort, you should educate yourself about how it works and whether it can serve as an option for you.

   This web site is designed for potential bankruptcy filers who are ready to get started with the bankruptcy process.  If you are just beginning to think about bankruptcy, you may want to check out my comprehensive bankruptcy sites:

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney (published after the 2005 changes to the Bankruptcy Law)

Atlanta bankruptcy blog - updated weekly, sometimes daily

Bankruptcy Law Network - I am a founding member of this multi-lawyer bankruptcy blog project

There are also some helpful bankruptcy books on the market that can contribute to your knowledge. 

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   When you contact Ginsberg Law, your case will be handled personally by attorney Susan Blum or myself.  If you are ready to get started with a fast evaluation, Susan and I will need some basic information about your debt situation.  If you want a quick evaluation, please complete a simple two page form that will give me a basic idea about where you stand.  This form should take no more than 5 minutes for you to complete, but it will save us well over an hour in our discussions.  In order for me to continue to offer free telephone consultations, I need to have some basic information on hand.

2 Page Worksheet - in MS Word format

2 Page Worksheet - in Adobe pdf format

   Upon receipt of this 2 page form, Susan or I will review your information and call you to discuss.  Please complete and fax to me at 770-393-0240 or email to ginsberg.bankruptcy (at) 

   If you situation is too complicated for a simple form, please feel free to email me by clicking on the link. 

   For those ready to get started, I would ask that you download and complete my “long form” bankruptcy questionnaire.

   As lawyers, we try to anticipate what may happen in your case, but you will always have more knowledge about both your past experiences and your prospects for the future.  Bankruptcy is a big step and the more you know, the better you result will be.

   Thanks for contacting Ginsberg Law Offices.

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